Saturday, 26 September 2015

Seventh Central Pay Commission May Recommend 30% Pay Hike

The Seventh Central Pay Commission is expected to submit its report with around 30% pay hike for central government employees. This will be benefited to around 48 Lakh central government employees and around 55 lakh pensioners.  It is not compulsory that the recommendation of 7th Pay commission is accepted by the Finance Ministry as it is. There may be certain changes in the pay and also in other conditions. Now we can expect around 30% pay hike and around 30% HRA hike.

The implementation of 7th Central Pay Commission may be with effect from 01st January, 2016 as per the trend in last few pay commission implementations. Anyway Central Government employees can expect a substantial pay hike in recent future.

At the same time there may be some important changes in service period also. Performance based retirement may be at the age of 55 years or when completing 30 years of service. And the increment also may on performance basis. This may adversely affect the employees.

So let us wait and see what will be recommended and what will be implemented in Seventh Central Pay Commission. 

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